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The amount of land around the world protected for wildlife (as national parks or wildlife reserves) is incredibly small. Especially if you compare it to the vast amount of ‘unprotected’ land. And in many cases, the ‘wild’ is no longer an un-spoilt wilderness, but simply isolated areas – often under threat of development. This means many plant and animal species are in danger, usually because of human activity.

The role of good zoos is to provide their visitors with amazing experiences for learning and caring about wildlife and biodiversity and applying our specialist skills to identify and investigate threats to biodiversity, then supporting remedial action e.g. supporting developing communities in tackling specific pressures that give rise to conservation need.

On behalf of Bristol Zoo, the Bristol Conservation and Science Foundation undertakes original research to provide critical insights into areas of conservation concern and implements actions that lead to wildlife conservation and protection by whatever means are appropriate. One of our underlying policies is to ensure that we work with local partners to build capacity such that local solutions can be developed by local people.

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Bristol Conservation & Science Foundation

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