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Gardens at Bristol Zoo in Summer

The gardens at Bristol Zoo contain one of Bristol’s most important collections of plants. There are unusual trees, shrubs and plants from around the world, such as the monkey puzzle tree, tree ferns, wollemi pine and the purple-berried flax lily. You can also see rare species like moth orchids from the Philippines or native plants like the bath asparagus, which are endangered in the wild. The tree collection is as broad as it is tall, ranging from ornamental acers to centuries old cedars.

We have carefully combined colour and texture to create stunning displays all year round. You can see this in the formal setting of the spring and summer beds and borders, and in the less formal arrangements of the rock gardens and exotic sub-tropical displays.

It’s thanks to over 170 years of nurture and gardening artistry, that we’ve established these 12 acres of such rare beauty and outstanding variety. So apart from the fascination of the animals, why not simply visit our gardens in Bristol – which have great botanical and educational interest, and provide an enjoyable horticultural experience for all.

In 2012 Gardeners at Bristol Zoo were awarded a gold medal at the prestigious Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, click here to find out more.

Bristol Community Plant Project

Glendale servicesBristol Zoo Gardens with the support of Glendale managed services are involving groups across the city to grow Calendula (Pot Marigold) in a dispersed collection. Watch our video from the project last year below or visit our Facebook page for more information.

Smarty Plants

Don’t miss our Smarty Plants and discover how plants use and manipulate animals in order to survive and flourish.

National collections
Bristol Zoo Gardens is also home to the NCCPG (National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens) collections of Caryopteris and Hedychiums. By providing ideal growing conditions and the right kind of care for these species, we hope future generations can enjoy their unique beauty. Your visit will help us to achieve this goal.

Echinacea at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Bristol Conservation & Science Foundation

Find out how our sister organisation BCSF helps protect and conserve species worldwide

What's on at the Zoo

Take a look at our event calendar and find out what's on when you're visiting.